Shepherd Hardware 5-5/8-Inch x 8-1/4-Inch Heavy Duty, Reusable Felt Furniture Mover Pads, Beige, 4-Pack

Shepherd Hardware

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The Shepherd Hardware FeltGard Mover pads are ideal for moving sofas, entertainment centers, beds, desks, and other furniture. These mover pads make it seem like the furniture is on wheels. Dries faster if they come in contact with moisture. Non-allergenic. 5-5/8 inch x 8-1/4 inch pad size. Includes 4 mover pads. Specifically designed for use on hard floor surfaces.

Intended for temporary or long-term use, Store & Reuse Movers Pads are placed under heavy furniture or appliances to allow for easy sliding on hard surface floors
Sturdy and rigid plastic base with cushioned side for furniture contact and heavy duty beige felt side for sliding over hard surface floors
FeltGard pads allow for safe and easy movement of furniture over wood and other hard surface floors
One person can safely rearrange or clean behind furniture while protecting floors from damage - make sure floors are clean and free from pebbles or other debris that could scratch floors!
5-3/4 inch x 8-1/4 inch rounded rectangular taupe plastic Movers Pads with foam cushion & heavy duty beige felt side for contact with hard surface floors - 4 Pack

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